Christmas 2020 Update

Hi everyone,

Today there was a minor update pushed for Mesecraft. It included the following:

  • Bugfix for Christmas mobs not spawning properly (reported by Mineman).
  • Updated the dfcaverns modpack (by FaceDeer)
  • Updated the Protector mod (by TenPlus1) to try to fix a bug reported, disappearing protectors (reported by Mineman).
  • Updated the mesecons mod.
  • Updated the mobs_redo mod (by TenPlus1).
  • Reduced the amount of light output by Mesecon Torch. People are using it too much as cheap abundant lighting.
  • Remove magic_mirror from christmas special present item pool. This was an update meant to keep it difficult to get the special item, magic mirror. Plus I think the christmas presents should only contain christmas themed stuff. Perhaps more special unique christmas items could take this place in the future.
  • Added settingtype.txt settings in the game configuration file for dfcaverns elevations. This should make it easier to update to dfcaverns updates in the future.

I expect there might be time for another update coming soon during this Christmas time. I won’t comment on what it might contain.

Also, the server was recently updated to a systems with an AMD CPU and a NVME SSD to help increase map loading speeds and multithreaded processing loads. Additionally this upgrade doubled the amount of memory available in the system so in the future it may be possible to host additional servers when bandwidth permits Also, thanks to AlexGIF for making the tree in the screenshot.

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