Summer 2021 Update

There have been a few minor additions to the game just in time for Summer 2021!

* Removed ts_furniture and ts_workshop to encourage player creativity instead of providing pre-defined furniture nodes.

* Fixed duplication bug with bee’s reported by Mineman. Disabled Bee hive damage.
* Added todo notes for bee’s.
* Temporarily disabled music_modpack.

* Added menu background, header, footer.
* Added parties mod.
* Updated Nether mod.
* Disabled some Ethereal biomes (banana, scortched).

* Created custom bed mod. Removed Fancy Beds and added colored beds. Also integrated features from “bouncy_bed”.
* Added alias for signs

* Added digiterms, to allow terminals and keyboard input methods to be used with digilines and to encourage Lua education.
* Added some of display_modpack to enable digiterms and display system.
* Removed smartshop.
* Added Fancy Vend for vending that supports pipeworks and digilines.
* Added awards mod to add achievements system.
* Updated minetest_game to release version 5.3.0

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