State Of Coronavirus

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    Would you like some insight into the state of the pandemic? Whatever your beliefs about it, you may be interested at this data visualization, It is relevant, (I think)


    Please post respectful and well-though-out comments about what the data means, what conclusions it can support, what its limitations are, what it might indicate or provide evidence for, but doesn’t necessarily prove, and any other thoughts about it.


    Linked is a github to a spreadsheet. I have compiled data about deaths from the UK from 2010 to 2020 (as available- 2020 data is only up to SEP), specifically only deaths of people whose residence was within England and Wales.

    Then I have a bar graph, which compares the number of deaths for each month to the number of deaths for that month in other years.

    That means that you can visually compare the number of deaths in Jan of 2020 to the number of deaths in Jan of every year before till 2010, and likewise for every month up to September. Unfortunately, the source only has data for 2020 up to September.


    The data and visualization (openoffice spreadsheet) :

    sorry that the chart is so large, but there is a lot of data there. You will have to scroll around a bit


    My data source:


    please feel free to check my work, doing so is easy: download the spreadsheet from the source for each year, and check that the entry for ‘England and Wales’ (not ‘England and Wales and Elsewhere’ or Total reported deaths’ – which includes deaths of those who do not necessarily live in the UK—!!!) matches the data that is in the spreadsheet, which was used to make the chart.


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