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    The server is now hosted on a VPS, that means the speeds should be better than what they were before. Things would get really laggy in the evenings if people in my household were using streaming video, or downloading, or if there were simply too many players on at the same time.

    The world was reset as well. I’ve been trying to get more organized with everything and continue development again. Life has really been a bit busy for me, I hope you understand.

    I kept backups of the old world. If I can figure out how to host two games on the same server, I may do that. I would really like one to be considered stable / long term and last a few years, and I would like one to be testing/development that gets new features and new mapgen features too for testing. However, I think right now we are too small to warrant two servers and we need enough people on the testing server to find bugs and debug.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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