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    Lets face it, survival can get boring. Once you have reached a certain level, where you have diamond armor and a good supply of food, and all the blocks you need, there isn’t much to do.

    Sure, you can explore, but once you see most of the biomes once, there isnt much fun in that.

    You can build, but after building several buildings, that gets old too.

    Don’t get me wrong, all of these activities ARE fun, and people would return to them, except that that is all you can do.

    One of the major benefits of multiplayer games is striving with and against other players. Survival kind of defeats the purpose, as it separates players to a large extent.

    The answer is to provide minigames. They will add to the fun of the game by allowing players to take a break from Survival and play with and against each other. They will also draw more players. It has been noted by Zughy (on the MT forums) that minigame servers are the most played servers. While this is true, minigame servers do not form that sense of community you get with well-developed survival servers.

    I believe adding minigames to a survival server produces the best of both worlds.


    A minigame library has recently been released which makes it easy to install minigames on your survival server. its called arena_lib, and there are already a few games developed for it. I am developing a bomberman clone for it now. Each minigame is provided by its own mod, which references arena_lib. To make an arena, create a game map somewhere in the world, and (preferrably) surround it with fullclip nodes. Then use the /edit <arena_name> command to enter the editor, where you have a GUI to set the “sign”, and the spawnpoints. The spawnpoints are where the players are teleported to when they enter the minigame, and the sign is a sign that they punch in order to enter the queue for the game. When they enter the game, they no longer have access to the contents of their inventory… by default they have a different inventory in-minigame.


    Already available for arena_lib is Skywars and Block League. It would be easy to make a Spleef subgame… I am working on a bomberman clone.

    I think that this would be a good addition to the game. Also, I dont think it causes lag.


    You (komodo) talked about having 2 servers, 1 for testing new features. Maybe try it out on that one?

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    This is something I would be more open to when all the survival mechanics and RPG elements are much more mature and stable. I’ll keep an eye on developments in this area and consider additions if they fit.

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