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    A new server running mesecraft. It runs on a raspberry pi 4 with 2 gb ram, and has fiber internet.


    Expect lag with mapgen.


    the purpose is to have a place to test out new gameplay ideas, test fixes, and generally have fun without the damger of losing valuable builds. Come, build, play, test, and dont be upset when you have to start over with a new world.


    Right now, it runs vanilla Mesecraft, but Water_life is a near update.


    Please post replies to suggest gameplay changes. If they are large, prepare them yourself and post git links.



    Server Details:


    MeseCraft Test Server




    Admin: MisterA


    If you join as UnrealAdmin, you will receive most admin privs

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    FYI, you can experience mobkit mobs on mesecraft here… I am slowly replacing/porting mobs from redo over to mobkit



    ported mobs_walrus to mobkit

    added mobkit, mob_core, water_life, better_fauna, wildlife, zombiestdr

    in mobs_creatures, disabled zombies, farm animals, and a few others because added mods replaced them.

    better_fauna really is better in many respects

    noticed bugs:

    sheep only drop wool when sheared, not when killed

    zombies just die

    new walrus causes crash when hit and tries to run away



    fixed walrus bug (hopefully), added tame and capture ability.


    So, walrus bug was caused by mob_core errors… ElCeejo updated mob_core, and its fixed now

    also, the zombie bug was fixed… it was a compatability issue with magma_conduits. The setting remove_default_lava must be false to work with zombies. Thx, @Knot Abbot on Discord


    So, Now you can try to fight zombies! they are quite different from their counterparts from mobs_redo… it takes some skill to kill them, and

    more will be attracted by the sounds of fighting.


    How to kill zombies:

    Zombies cannot be killed except with a sound thwack to the lower head. You need skill and practice. Also, you cannot use a wood sword. Zombies can be outrun… you can also dig traps for them, which they will fall into when they lunge at you.

    Also, as with any mobkit mob, you can dodge any attack, but it gets harder the more enimies you have

    Zombies are attracted by movement and sounds of fighting. It is possible to attract a large horde by making too much ruckus.




    Bug: Zombies and other mobs spawn on the moon


    Aside from that, I would like to hear peoples thoughts on how and where zombies should spawn. I think, after playing on the server for just a little while, that they spawn waaaay too much. I think, perhaps, that they should spawn rarely, except in the ethereal dry dirt biome (burnt wood), the mushroom biome, and on cobblestone underground for the dungeons



    I reverted wildlife to gundul’s fork, as my version was causing some issues. Wildlife only adds deer and wolves, and there is a wolf coming soon for better_fauna, so I will likely port the redo version of the deer over and use that wolf later on.


    I have finished mobs_walrus, and begun on mobs_creatures. The bat has been ported over. It comes out at night and early morning. Like its mobs_redo version it is a prodigious producer of guano


    I ported dirt_man and sand_man over to mobkit.

    While I was at it, I added a simple, but interesting behavior.

    Dirt men like dirt, sand men like desert sand.

    If they see what they like lying on the ground (as an item) they will go and get it (pick it up)

    Also, if they are chasing you (and you havnt made them angry yet by hitting them) there is a chance that they will be distracted by you throwing the item that they like on the ground. If you have it, you might as well try. Punching them makes them really angry, and they will then not be distracted by your little presents


    When killed, they will drop anything that they have picked up, plus the regular drop of a few dirt or sand.


    It was pending approval for spam. You triple posted the same topic three times so that might have triggered it.


    yeah… that was from bad internet connection



    How as your server been doing by the way?

    I made some additional changes to the game: I added a new folder structure for the mods that makes it a lot easier to work in. It seems to work on the server now, where in the past i had problems with the server working with that type of file layout for some reason. Also, I’ve been trying to get the new climate pack mod to work in the game but i havent seen it work at all. I need to put more time into it to get it working. Another major change is the ores on the moon have been removed. I’ll manually place ores on it when i research what ores are probably on the moon and make some fun adjustments for the game that arent based in reality.


    I’ve noticed the MeseCraft server has been slow lately. I wonder what is contributing to the lack of growth. part of me suspects its probably long load times of media.


    My server, as the name suggests, is a temporary server for testing new ideas with mesecraft. I started out trying to convert mobs to mobkit. As you can see from the posts above, I had some success.

    However, there does not seem to be much interest in actually implementing this into the game?


    So I have kind of set that aside. Also, I may want to use the server to host a community-college-club-made game


    I did not expect to get a (large or otherwise) playerbase. Noodles joined when I asked him to to test out certain features, as did Alex, but really its not meant to be a playing server.


    as it turns out, the only reason to use mobkit INSTEAD on mobs_redo, is for improved game mechanics… the mobs can have more advanced brains, which can react to different situations and have different attacks.

    As an example, the converted dirt and sand monsters can now be distracted from chasing you by throwing a dirt/sand item on the ground. This is a last-ditch hope tho, as it depends on how strongly the monster wants to eat you (a value 0-100). punching the monster increases this value. If the monster is not attacking, it will scan for dropped dirt on the ground and go collect it and store it (and it drops it on death)



    I say this because I have seen that mobkit flying mobs *can* cause significant lag, and especially, petz, (runz) causes enourmous lag. So the lag is determined by how each mob is programmed. That said,  My server runs with little lag, and has water_life, better_fauna, zombiestrd, and my mobkit conversions, and the lag is just fine.


    one way to reduce lag is to install mobkit and use mobkit’s spawning functions for redo animals. This is because mobkit does not use abms to spawn animals. I would suggest installing the apis of mobkit and of mob_core. These are apis only… mob_core has a really nice spawn function that allows animals to be spawned in groups/hordes.

    I would not say that there is any real need to convert all the animals to mobkit. Mobkit will not cause (much if any) extra lag if installed alongside mobs_redo. Then mobkit can be used as you like, for example to install water_life (think seagulls, pirranahs, crocodiles, little lizards… I would remove the mosquitos though :P)



    I just havent seen enough documentation or feedback on mobkit or works made using it to totally feel like the change is justified. I’d rather sit back and let it mature a bit before porting it into the game. mobs_redo is basic, and there is still a lot of work to be done on those mobs. But its a mature api and works relatively well. For now, I just don’t see it as a priority. But I keep my eye on mobkit to see if anything impressive gets made with it.

    How does the game run on your Raspberry Pi 4?


    well… feel free to join and judge for yourself… but I would say that it runs ok. Noone has done any exploring into the high-lag mapgens much yet though

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