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My server, as the name suggests, is a temporary server for testing new ideas with mesecraft. I started out trying to convert mobs to mobkit. As you can see from the posts above, I had some success.

However, there does not seem to be much interest in actually implementing this into the game?


So I have kind of set that aside. Also, I may want to use the server to host a community-college-club-made game


I did not expect to get a (large or otherwise) playerbase. Noodles joined when I asked him to to test out certain features, as did Alex, but really its not meant to be a playing server.


as it turns out, the only reason to use mobkit INSTEAD on mobs_redo, is for improved game mechanics… the mobs can have more advanced brains, which can react to different situations and have different attacks.

As an example, the converted dirt and sand monsters can now be distracted from chasing you by throwing a dirt/sand item on the ground. This is a last-ditch hope tho, as it depends on how strongly the monster wants to eat you (a value 0-100). punching the monster increases this value. If the monster is not attacking, it will scan for dropped dirt on the ground and go collect it and store it (and it drops it on death)



I say this because I have seen that mobkit flying mobs *can* cause significant lag, and especially, petz, (runz) causes enourmous lag. So the lag is determined by how each mob is programmed. That said,  My server runs with little lag, and has water_life, better_fauna, zombiestrd, and my mobkit conversions, and the lag is just fine.


one way to reduce lag is to install mobkit and use mobkit’s spawning functions for redo animals. This is because mobkit does not use abms to spawn animals. I would suggest installing the apis of mobkit and of mob_core. These are apis only… mob_core has a really nice spawn function that allows animals to be spawned in groups/hordes.

I would not say that there is any real need to convert all the animals to mobkit. Mobkit will not cause (much if any) extra lag if installed alongside mobs_redo. Then mobkit can be used as you like, for example to install water_life (think seagulls, pirranahs, crocodiles, little lizards… I would remove the mosquitos though :P)