XP: 20
Rank: Newbie

How to kill zombies:

Zombies cannot be killed except with a sound thwack to the lower head. You need skill and practice. Also, you cannot use a wood sword. Zombies can be outrun… you can also dig traps for them, which they will fall into when they lunge at you.

Also, as with any mobkit mob, you can dodge any attack, but it gets harder the more enimies you have

Zombies are attracted by movement and sounds of fighting. It is possible to attract a large horde by making too much ruckus.




Bug: Zombies and other mobs spawn on the moon


Aside from that, I would like to hear peoples thoughts on how and where zombies should spawn. I think, after playing on the server for just a little while, that they spawn waaaay too much. I think, perhaps, that they should spawn rarely, except in the ethereal dry dirt biome (burnt wood), the mushroom biome, and on cobblestone underground for the dungeons